Every Day 12.00 - 22:00

Drink Menu

Hot Drinks

  • Coffee or Tea  490-
  • Espresso  490-
  • Double espresso  530-
  • Espresso Macchiato  530-
  • Americano  520-
  • Café Latte  670-
  • Cappuccino  620-
  • Moccacino  690-
  • Swiss Mocca  750-
  • Hot Chocolate  750-
  • Iced Coffee  710-
  • Irish / Bailey‘s Coffee  1.590-
  • +Syrup / +Soya / +Extra Shot  80-

Soda and Drinks

  • “Appelsín” Orange soda  450-
  • Pepsi / Pepsi Max  450-
  • 7up  450-
  • Egils Kristall” Sparkling water  450-
  • Malt Extrakt” Sweet dark 0% beer  500-
  • Orange juice  400-
  • Apple juice  400-
  • “Kókómjólk” Chocolate milk  300-
  • Glass of milk  200-


  • Egils Gull 50cl. Lager 4.7% – draft   1.190-
    • HAPPY HOUR  15-18 @ 800-
  • Egils Gull 33cl. Lager 4.7% – draft  990-
    • HAPPY HOUR  15-18 @ 600-
  • Snorri 33cl. Icelandic Ale 5.3%  1.390-
  • Úlfur 33cl. IPA 5.9%  1.490-
  • Úlfur Úlfur 33cl. DIPA 9%  1.790-
  • Úlfrún 33cl. Session IPA 5.3%  1.390-
  • Sæmundur 33cl. Mango-PA 5.3%  1.390-
  • Somersby Cider 33cl. 4.5%  1.090-
  • Egils Pilsner light beer 33cl. 2.25%  600-

Red wine

  • Piccini Rosso di Toscana  187.5 ml  1.490-

  • Lindemans Shiraz Cabernet  187.5 ml  1.590-

Light- medium bodied. Non-sweet, fresh acidity, mild tannins. Red and dark berries, and spices. Suitable for almost all lighter courses.
750 ml
4.090 –

Soft on the palate and fruity. Good with grilled meat and hard cheese.
750 ml
4.290 –

Ruby Red, Medium Filling, Non-sweet, fresh acidity, Plum, blueberries, heath. Suitable with beef, lamb, game and poultry.
750 ml
4.590 –

Cherry, raspberry, caramel and vanilla undertones. Fruity and easy oak matured. Suitable with salmon, and fat-rich meats.
750 ml
4.890 –

White Wine

  • Montalto Pinot Grigio  187.5 ml   1.490-

  • Lindemans Chardonnay  187.5 ml  1.590-

Pale yellow in colour, light bodied fresh acidity. Citrus, apple and pear. Suitable for fish courses.  –
750 ml

Pale green in colour. Light bodied, fresh acidity. Pear, citrus fruit, melon, floral and rather fruity. Suitable for fish courses and stands on its own.
750 ml

Riesling is the Rhineland’s ultimate varietal. Pale yellow/green. Citrus, peach and pear. Anise and Fennel. Intensely fresh body, dry palate. Goes well with salmon, spicy food, vegetarian dishes and more.
750 ml

Grapefruit and peach, hints of hazelnuts and vanilla. Excellent body, fresh fruit. Rich and complex aftertaste. Pairs well with salmon, vegetable courses and poultry.
750 ml

Our Rooms

Our guesthouse is on the upper floor of Eldstó Art Café. It consists of 5 clean and comfortable rooms, 2 shared bathrooms with showers and a shared dining room with a kitchenette.

The shared dining room/kitchenette can be observed on the photos below.  You can find a refrigerator, a microwave, an electric kettle, a coffee maker, a kitchen sink and all manner of kitchenware and utensils at your disposal. No stove nor oven are available, however.

A complimentary self service breakfast is available to all guests in the dining room. Enjoy our homemade bread with a selection of toppings, cereals, yoghurts and more!

The Artists

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Thor Sveinsson & G. Helga Ingadóttir, proud owners of Eldstó Art Café

Thor Sveinsson is a potter and ceramic designer. He studied pottery in 1971 – ’75 under the tutelage of Gerhard Schwarz and Paul Martin. For years he prototyped for Glit and was a tutor of the craft at Reykjavik School of Arts.

G.Helga is a singer, painter and ceramic artist. She studied at The Reykjavik Academy of Vocal Arts, took visual arts classes at F.B. and had lessons with painter Gunnar Geir Kristjánsson.

Eldfjallaglerungar og Leirlist

The video shows Thor throwing pottery on the wheel, Helga doing the artwork and the process of creating glazes infused with the volcanic materials of Iceland.

Their handmade ceramics are glazed with Icelandic-derived materials, such as volcanic substances from Mount Hekla, as well as clay from Búðardalur. 

Thor and Helga create all their pottery from raw materials in their own workshop, right here in Hvolsvöllur. Icelandic hand craft all the way!

Volcanic Glazes and Ceramic Art

About Eldstó

Eldstó began as a pottery/ceramic workshop in a garage, some 20 years ago (1999). It has since grown, becoming all it was meant to be and much more and is now a small family owned and operated restaurant, café, ceramic art gallery and a guesthouse.

The air smells of food and coffee. The music hums in the background, the interior is softly colored and lit. Walls are decked with paintings by G Helga and shelves, showcasing Thor and Helga’s handcrafted pottery. The overall theme of ceramic art is everywhere, as was the founders’ vision in the beginning. 

In no other restaurant in Iceland can you enjoy your drink and food in handmade pottery created by the owners themselves. Have a tea brewed in a handmade teapot, or an Icelandic craft beer in an Icelandic craft chalice. Indulge in the traditional dish of Icelandic lamb soup, locally sourced lamb in a locally handmade bowl!